What do we do at FilterFiller.com? We remember A/C Filter and Furnace Filter sizes for your home, save you a trip to the store, and deliver them directly to your front door, when your filter needs to be changed. The simple fact is few people remember to shop for or change their air filters; that priority is right below cleaning gutters and pulling weeds.

The reality is that filters are filters. The MERV rating is what is most important, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Instead of you taking a crash course on the meaning of the 20 different MERV levels, we have picked the three that matter most: 1. Strata, our “Good” filter, which is designed to stop pollen, dust mites, and small farm animals; 2. MERV 7, our “Better” filter, which is designed to catch things like carpet fibers, mold spores and some of Aunt Beulah’s cigarette smoke; and, 3. MERV 13, our “Best” filter, which is for people with allergies, which stops anything larger than a sub-atomic particle flying below the speed of light.

What most of us forget, particularly in the South, is the need to change your filters year round – not just when the air conditioner is operating. That’s right, whether you call it a furnace, heater, or winter thang, you need to regularly change your filters whenever there is air blowing out of the vents. If you do not change the filter regularly, it is getting clogged with dust, mold spores, cooties and vermin.

Whether your HVAC unit is a Carrier, Trane, American Standard, or another brand, and regardless of whether you have fallen in love with filters manufactured by 3M, Honeywell, Filtrete or Flanders, ours do the same thing: clean the air you breath in your home.

What makes FilterFiller.com different than the other delivery services? We put custom labels on each filter for YOUR home, so there is no guesswork on top of the ladder as to which filter you need. At FilterFiller.com, we provide a nice clean bag to put the dirty filters inside so your home stays clean and dust bunnies stay away. Give our air filter delivery service a chance to satisfy you with a smile, clean air and convenience in an otherwise filtered industry. Remember, we do everything but put it in for you.

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